Did you hear the news – widely reported earlier this fall – that Latinos outlive most of the U.S. population? If you are Latino, I’m sure it made your day. I’ve been following the chatter on Twitter – the party is still going strong – and the big vibe, of course, is ethnic pride. But if you are a marketer – or a marketer who happens to be Latino – perhaps you were confused, skeptical, or curious to learn more.

Truth is, we should all be curious. The news was based on a recently published study by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, and it happens to be the first federally-funded study on Latino life expectancy. The implications for marketing – across a broad range of sectors – are profound. But if we aren’t confused, we should at least be skeptical. Because the “Latinos Live Longer” headline obscures several things that could be helpful to marketers.

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