During the first day of the IAB Conecta Mexico held last Aug. 13, Mel Varley, chief strategy officer for the MEC media agency, stressed the importance that mobile has in a brand’s communications and said of consumers that “in many ways they see mobile as their first screen”.

She said that “50 percent of mobile usage is now already in the home” so that mobile is the primary screen that generates new consumer habits, not only outside but also inside the home. Social media are so related to mobile, she said, that it’s impossible to consider a strategy nowadays without considering how it will interact with this technology.

The chief strategy officer said that 40 percent of traffic is on mobile and 55 percent of that is on Twitter, so it’s becoming the screen we use “not only to validate the purchase but to check on the price. “Some 70 percent of U.S. consumers use it to check on prices, which is why self-service businesses focus on mobile technology to make special offers and generate brand loyalty. To the extent that this becomes the consumer’s No. 1 screen, the more it will generate brand loyalty, more sales and improve business”.

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