Houston Accident Attorney Spotlight

Putting Up the Fight for Injured Texans’ Rights!

The Sandoval Law Firm, PLLC officially commenced operations in early 2019, specializing in advocating for the rights of injured workers and individuals affected by the negligence of drivers involved in severe car accidents and 18-wheeler collisions.

Leading the helm is Hector L. Sandoval, an accomplished Houston accident attorney who also serves as the firm’s principal. With over a decade of active legal practice dating back to 2004, Mr. Sandoval brings valuable experience gained from ownership roles in two previous law firms. Our practice encompasses a broad spectrum of personal injury cases, with a particular emphasis on representing workers injured in workplace incidents within the state of Texas, highlighting our commitment to this specific area.

Recently, Mr. Sandoval engaged in an interview where he generously shared his insights. For your convenience, we’ve compiled some of the most pertinent questions and his detailed responses, accessible on his website under the “Lead Attorney Spotlight.” This resource offers a unique opportunity to acquaint yourself with his background, motivations for pursuing a legal career, and more… Read entire Interview with Houston Accident Lawyer Hector Sandoval

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