Just under a year old, Cosmopolitan for Latinas, from the publishers of Cosmopolitan, is an online magazine with a Latina voice. Launched in May 2012, the magazine covers all of the things from el mundo Latino such as beauty and fashion tips, entertaining and family issues. Cosmopolitan for Latinas is also published quarterly.

One of the editor’s behind this sizzling new magazine is Kystyna Chavez, assistant editor for the print and online editions. Her role includes producing web content daily and covering beauty, fashion, technology and entertainment topics for the print issues.

Find out more on Krystyna, including the best ways to pitch her, when to reach her and what she’s looking to cover for the magazine.

What advice would you give PR people when pitching you?

Be aware of who you’re pitching and do your research about Cosmopolitan for Latinas. The worst thing is to pitch to the right place but use the wrong name. Also, don’t be super pushy. I know you’re trying to do your job but hounding me may ruin an opportunity.

How do you like to be pitched and what do you think of people pitching you via Twitter or Facebook?

Being pitched via e-mail is definitely best. It allows you to really look at what is being presented and do the research at your own pace. For people interested in pitching, Twitter and Facebook are a great way to find out where to send a formal pitch.

What is your biggest pet peeve when being pitched?

My biggest pet peeve is a pitch without a pitch. It’s great that you have a new product but how will it work for Cosmopolitan for Latinas?

What stories are you currently working on that you are seeking products, experts, or content for?

I am currently working on a tech wish list page for our upcoming June issue and web stories. I love knowing what’s going on in music, technology, entertainment, and every other aspect of the Latino world, so we can generate new ideas.

Do you prefer being pitched in English or in Spanish?

I prefer to be pitched in English since we are written mostly in English. However, I’m bilingual so if there’s a topic that is relevant to our readership, I can translate myself.

Are there certain days and/or times when you are most available to connect?  

I get in around 10a.m. so the best time to reach me is between noon and 2p.m. The best days to reach me are Tuesday and Wednesday.

What is the most fundamental editorial change that has happened at Cosmopolitan for Latinas in the past three to five years?

That we were created! The magazine launched in May 2012 and we have come so far. I feel so blessed to have been a part of Cosmopolitan for Latinas from the beginning. People love that the magazine is fun and fresh and tailored to English-speaking Latinas but holds true to our culture and lifestyle. We talk to our readers like a best Latina girlfriend, and cover everything from fashion, food, relationships and careers in a fresh and engaging way.

Is there a canción that INSTANTLY makes you want to get up and dance?

No Creo by Shakira or any cumbia at a family party.

What is your favorite Hispanic dish?

This is tough but I’d say Green Chicken Enchiladas with Mexican rice and beans. It reminds me of family and is so delicious!


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