Nina Terrero- Photo Credit- Steve Zak is the new voice of American Hispanics. It takes Hispanic news beyond the usual conversation toward something empowered and energized. With powerful news, information and stories about successful and inspiring Hispanics, NBC Latino creates a unique space that reflects Hispanic pride.

 One of the people behind this website is Nina Terrero, web producer for NBC Latino. Her role includes writing, producing, shooting and editing high-volume text and video content on a daily basis. She reports on food, lifestyle and entertainment for Latinos with a fresh perspective.

Keep reading to find out more on Nina, including the best ways to pitch her, when to reach her and what she’s looking to cover for the site.

What advice would you give PR people when pitching you? It’s extremely important to know the beat of the person whom you’re pitching…that way, you’re assured that your pitch will be more convincing. Have your talking points prepared in advance and know how to sell your product, whether it’s a book, restaurant, film, personality, musician, food ingredient or the like. I also think it’s important to convey yourself in a professional manner. Too often, publicists are quick to establish a friendly rapport – but it’s hard for me to reciprocate if I don’t know you and you’ve never reached out to me! Maintaining a professional presence via email is also important because at times we may want to forward emails to other team members or an editor, and it is hard to do so if they aren’t well-written, succinct and clear in the first place. And as in journalism, never bury your lead – tell me right away why your pitch matters!

How do you like to be pitched and what do you think of people pitching you via Twitter or Facebook?  I like being sent an email followed by a phone call if I haven’t responded immediately (which I try to do).  I also like being pitched on Twitter…if you’re able to pitch me something interesting within those character limits, you have my attention! I have a public Facebook page where people can contact me, but I do prefer being pitched via Twitter, email or over the phone.

What is your biggest pet peeve when being pitched? I dislike it when people cold-call with a long-winded pitch. As someone who works in an extremely fast-paced environment under severe time constraints, I don’t have the luxury of time to listen to a 10 minute pitch that could be paired down to 90 seconds. I also prefer receiving an email, followed by a phone call because I do like getting to know the person I’m working with. That element of trust is something that can’t be underestimated!

 What stories are you currently working on that you are seeking products, experts, or content for? As someone with their feet both in entertainment and food, I am always looking for people connected with great restaurants, chefs or entertainment platforms. Do you represent a great Mexican restaurant? I want to hear about it. Do you represent the next-up and coming Latino star? Contact me! Pitches representing my coverage areas are the ones I welcome most.

 Do you prefer being pitched in English or in Spanish? NBC Latino is an English-language only website. That being said, I prefer receiving pitches in English.

 Are there certain days and/or times when you are most available to connect?  The best time for me to connect on the phone or via email is in the afternoon. Many publicists don’t realize that digital content producers really do work around the clock in order to keep up with a demanding, 24-hours news cycle. That being said, I spent my mornings in editorial meetings and writing furiously, so I usually find myself having some free time just after what’s usually a very busy morning, before departing on a shoot and beginning interviews for the afternoon news cycle.

 What is the most fundamental editorial change that has happened at NBC Latino in the past three to five years? I think the most fundamental editorial change regarding NBC Latino was the decision to start the website! We went live just over a year ago and my team and I have worked very hard to create the type of Latino content we don’t believe existed before our brand was established. Every day, NBC Latino publishes intelligent, unbiased, optimistic news and lifestyle content that speaks to where U.S. Latinos are from and where we are headed – and that’s something I am extremely proud of.

 Is there a canción that INSTANTLY makes you want to get up and dance? As a musician (I played classical piano competitively as a teen and also know how to play the guitar)…I love music! That being said, one of my favorite songs right now is Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child” – it’s a great one to work out to at the gym!

 What is your favorite Hispanic dish? I love simple and satisfying, classic Puerto Rican dishes like empanadas, rice, beans and chicharrones de pollo. I don’t get to indulge in them very often, but when I do – well, there’s nothing better!

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