National Facebook contest asks: "How may total miles did PapiBlogger drive across the four corners of the United States?"

MIAMI, FL – After more than 11,000 miles, 33 states and 46 days, PapiBlogger’s epic family road trip will come to a rousing end with a celebration in Miami.  Although post-trip public relations outreach continues for weeks, the PapiBlogger clan is looking forward to a Miami media and family event at a Chevrolet dealership that will welcome PapiBlogger Manny Ruiz,  his wife Angela and three kids (Jonathan 10, Elena 6 and Briani 1) home.

The 2010 Chevrolet Traverse served as the road trip's famous "PapiMobile"
The PapiBlogger clan stopped at some of the nation's most interesting McDonald's restaurants, including this one in 'Alien Country' Roswell, NM. McDonald's is a sponsor of PapiBlogger.

“From a PR and social media perspective, it’s been an amazing journey.  As we prepare for next year’s 2011 Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference we are confident that our own road trip will be of strong interest to attendees,” said Ruiz, who also publishes the Hispanic Market industry leading Hispanic PR Blog. “This is a unique PR and social media program that has brought leading brands like Chevrolet, McDonald’s, Sprint Nextel and Sony together for a major Hispanic initiative and we couldn’t be prouder to help execute it with them and their agencies.”

The PapiMobile left Miami on Father’s Day, June 20th on a route that took the family from Miami to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Seattle, Seattle to Portland, Maine and Portland back to Miami.

Some of key facts about the trip include:

Number of Miles Traveled: More than 11,000 miles

Number of States Visited: 33 states

Number of Days Traveled: 46 days

Different Cities Where the Family Stayed Overnight: 24 cities

Longest hours driven in one day: 13 hours

Average miles driven per day: 260

Average hours driven per day: 4.5 hours

The family also visited a Ronald McDonald House, a charity they will continue to be active with.

Among the famous places the family visited are: Mount St. Helens (by helicopter); Mount RushmoreNiagara Falls (by boat); Plymouth Rock; the Grand Canyon (by helicopter); the Las Vegas stripDisneyland; the Hoover DamBroadway (to see “Mary Poppins”); Meteor CraterYellowstone National ParkDevil’s Tower; the movie set of “Transformers 3”; the White House; SalemMt. Hood; the Golden Gate Bridge; Canada; Motown; the Old West town of Deadwood, South Dakota; the original 1955 McDonald’s Ray Kroc opened in Chicago; the Kennedy Space CenterBourbon Street and many more!

PapiBlogger sponsor Sprint Nextel's HTC EVO 4G phone was essential to the trip telecommunications story. In this photo the family watches the LeBron James decision live, near Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Partial list of cities PapiBlogger visited: St. Augustine; New Orleans; Austin, TX; Marfa; TX, Santa Fe, NM; Las Vegas; Washington, DC; Anaheim, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Mt. Hood, OR; Seattle, WA; Cody, WY; Deadwood, SD; Chicago; New York City; Salem, MA; Detroit; Buffalo, NY; Niagara Falls, Canada; Savannah, GA; Gloucester, MA; Bozeman, Montana and many more.


PapiBlogger and his sponsors from Chevrolet, McDonald’s, Sprint Nextel HTC EVO 4G and Sony are hosting a national Facebook contest that asks “How many total miles did the Chevrolet Traverse travel during the PapiBlogger Family Road Trip?”

The person who makes the most accurate guess of how many miles PapiBlogger has driven will win a Sony Bloggie.  Great prizes will also be awarded for second and third place.  The contest ends on Sunday, August 8 and the winners will be announced on Monday, August 9.

The PapiBlogger Family Road Trip Contest is open to anybody but only Facebook fans of PapiBlogger are eligible.  Only one guess per Facebook fan will be accepted.  Complete contest rules are posted at

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  1. What a TRIP huh Manny?!…Way to go man I bet you have countless great stories to tell.

    Contact me when you get back to Miami. Maybe through my family and business with powerful Latino connections we can join forces in many Good Works for Ronald McDonald House in South Florida!

    God Bless…Omar

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