The Maynard Institute’s Media Center on Structural Racism today launched America’s Wire, a news service that will provide enterprising content for wire services, metropolitan newspapers, ethnic/community papers, magazines and websites.

In an effort to help the media better cover communities of color and the impact that structural racism has on the families who reside there, America’s Wire will provide subscribers with professionally reported, written and edited stories that will help readers better understand the obstacles and challenges that people of color continue to face in America today.

“We are excited that America’s Wire will bring a better understanding of communities of color and the challenges they face,” said Dori Maynard, who chairs the America’s Wire Advisory Board and is president and CEO of the Maynard Institute. “Our goal is to provide professionally reported, written and edited stories that can broaden the selection of articles that daily newspapers, magazines, ethnic media and websites make available to their readers. We urge media outlets to sign up for our trial offer and subscribe to America’s Wire, and bring a wider variety of stories to your readers.”

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