With the recent arrival of Hispanic Heritage Month, a spotlight on Hispanic celebrities is to be expected. The Sofia Vergara’s and J. Lo’s of the world are going to be on everyone’s lips from now until October. However, there are other Latin stars who are making all the difference in this very digital world nowadays. Below are some of the most influential Latinos on social media: Lejuan James might have a million and a half followers on Facebook and just shy of a million on Instagram, but for the social entertainer of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, it all started on Vine. Juan Atiles, known in

the social media world as Lejuan James in honor of his basketball idol — guess who? — made the jump to Internet stardom with the help of his smartphone and hilarious representations of the Hispanic community in the Caribbean. “I was playing around. It wasn’t something that I was thinking about doing. I was a full-time student/full-time retail manager [sic],” said James in an interview with inaxxs.com.   Continue reading on Mashable.com