Women around the world are expanding beyond traditional roles to influence decisions in the home, in business and in politics, creating a massive opportunity for marketers to better connect them with the products they buy, the media they engage with and the technologies they use to do so.

For a new report, Women of Tomorrow, Nielsen surveyed women across generations and from both developed and emerging economies, and while women across the world don’t necessarily agree on how to, for example, utilize increasing incomes, one sentiment prevails: women everywhere believe their roles are changing for the better, and in emerging economies, women are confident that this trend will continue and create opportunities for future generations.

But how can marketers effectively reach women in this changing climate? The answer is, it depends.

Mothers in developed markets are heavy internet users and rely on texting and email to communicate. The same is true for their daughters. They are likely to take to the Web in search of promotions and discounts, and buying products with good value is important. In contrast, mothers in emerging economies rely more heavily on television for advice as to what to buy.

Across generations, differences in shopping and media are most apparent. Young women are the most tech savvy, and are most likely to be influenced by media, regardless of its form. Mothers, on the other hand, are more likely to take planned shopping trips and seek value through promotions and discounts.

SOURCE Nielsen Wire

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