Young adults are the most connected consumers

Millennials—also commonly referred to as Generation Y and echo boomers—are the first generation to come of age in the new millennium. Unsurprisingly, the internet’s role is paramount among the age group’s media habits and usage. From shopping to socializing to watching TV, they do it all online.

“Millennials represent a critical target for marketers, and the best place to reach them is where they are—online,” said Jared Jenks, eMarketer analyst and author of the new report, “Demographic Profile—Millennials.”

Millennials comprise nearly a quarter of the total US population, and are evenly split between males and females. Less than six in 10 are white, and aside from children under 18, millennials are the most ethnically and racially diverse generation in the country’s history.

Population Profile—US Consumers Ages 18-34

Virtually all members of this age group are online, and nearly as many are social network users. Millennials are ahead of the curve by almost any digital metric: online video viewing, mobile internet usage, mobile commerce, and location-based services.

Key eMarketer Numbers—US Consumers Ages 18-34

Their presence on such a wide variety of digital media offers marketers a plethora of opportunities to target them, but millennials are typically unenthusiastic about advertising and prefer to avoid marketing messages that seem insincere.

“What appeals to them is authenticity,” said Jenks. “They are not opposed to connecting with brands, but do so only when there is an exchange of value and, of course, when it is on their terms.”

The full report, “Demographic Profile—Millennials” also answers these key questions:

  • What are the demographic characteristics of millennials?
  • How do millennials spend their time with media?
  • What do they do online?
  • How are they using mobile devices?

SOURCE eMarketer

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