( source: The Wrap)

When Jaime Gamboa started working in the entertainment industry seven years ago, movie studios had little idea how to court the Hispanic market. Studios appeared to be using Google to translate their trailers into Spanish; outreach to the community amounted to a press day in Miami with “the Latino in the movie.”

But studios have no choice but to wake up to growing power of the Hispanic moviegoing audience.

“Everyone has recognized the importance” of the Hispanic audience, Gamboa told TheWrap. “But not everyone has addressed the need.”

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While Hispanics are woefully under-represented in the casting of feature films, marketers like Gamboa have helped Hollywood embrace Hispanic moviegoers more thoroughly and effectively than in years past.

Gamboa runs Soda Creative, a creative agency that makes trailers and mounts TV campaigns for movie studios. A Hispanic marketer for more than a decade, Gamboa’s helped companies market their movies to the Hispanic audience for video-on-demand, DVD and other home entertainment properties before branching out into the theatrical realm.

Sensing an opportunity to take advantage of the paucity of attention paid to the Hispanic moviegoer, he set up his own shop, and now works with major movie studios such as Universal, Disney and Warner Bros. on their marketing campaigns… continue reading.

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