As a growing number of Hispanic-Americans get their news in English, communications professionals say they are attempting to straddle both cultures in their media outreach to this growing and increasingly influential group.

A study released last week by the Pew Research Hispanic Center found that 82% of Hispanic adults in the US say they get at least some of their news in English, up from 78% in 2006. One-third of those surveyed say they consume news exclusively in English, up from 22% who did so seven years earlier. Meanwhile, the share of Latino adults who get at least some news in Spanish declined to 68% last year from 78% in 2006, and 18% of respondents consume news exclusively in Spanish, down from 22% in the prior survey.

PR executives say they are adapting their media-relations strategies targeting Hispanics to adjust to this trend, which Pew attributes to factors such as slowing immigration and a rise in the number of US-born Hispanics. However, they caution brands should avoid a “one-size-fits-all” approach to US Hispanic communications because of how varied the population has become.

“Perhaps 20 years ago, it was easy to translate a press release and blast that out to the US Hispanic market. Today, there is no such thing as one US Hispanic market, just like you can’t say there is one US consumer. There is so much complexity and richness,” says JeffreyGroup president Mike Valdés-Faul…


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  1. actually, you can translate but using something we in South America used to call as “Castellano” or “Plain Spanish” and we can use the pureness of our language in its more known form, without any slang or idioms owned by a certain cultural group inside the Hispanics. For more information you can call me (904) 386 7958…Gald to help!

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