Marinela USA is encouraging youth to participate in creative arts programs as a healthy form of self-expression and building self-esteem. Last week Marinela began giving away free Marinela Talent School (MTS) DVDs that introduce youth to different dance forms such as Hip-Hop, Electro Dance and Street Moves.  One of three DVDs and an instructional dance step mat can be found in specially marked boxes of Gansito, Gansito Chocolate, Napolitano, Submarinos and Pinguinos. Marinela will also give away five golden DVDs that consumers can redeem for a $5,000 scholarship to participate in an art program of their choice.

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Education, students who are involved in music, dance and art programs do better in math, reading, history, geography and citizenship. Participating in the arts can help children build friendships, increase their desire to set and achieve goals and teach a positive work ethic.

Consumers can find Marinela Talent School DVDs and dance mats anywhere specially marked Marinela USA boxed products are sold. The contest is open to youth age 13 or older and is not valid for residents in Florida, Rhode Island or New York. The Marinela Talent School scholarship promotion runs through August 14, 2011 or while supplies last. For more information about Marinela Talent School visit

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