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Last Thursday, the Hispanic Public Relations Association’s New York chapter launched the first in a series of industry discussions called “Inside the Mind of…”.  Seasoned PR professionals and eager newcomers gathered at the offices of Cohn & Wolfe to find out what’s inside the mind of the client, through a frank dialogue with Manny González, Director of Hispanic Marketing, Hennessy Brand, for Moët Hennessy USA.

The chat with interviewer Melissa Smith, Executive Vice President, RLPR, followed Mr. González’s career path and explored his insights from having worked on both the agency and brand side of the business. “Most brands undervalue public relations, but it can drive your outreach strategy,” he asserted.

His advice to agencies seeking to offer Hispanic marketing services began with a crucial first step:

“You need to get a sense of a brand’s past Hispanic work and what has worked. Try to build on that.”

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