Media powerhouse, UrbanDaddy, debuts new Latin lifestyle website with performance
by The Duo-Nacotheque during a Viewing Party for the Copa America Finals

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Earlier this week, Chicago celebrated the launch of Manero Club Social y Deportivo, an exclusive, first-of-its-kind digital destination for the sophisticated, affluent Latino on the Web, in a relaxed afternoon of soccer a la Manero style. The launch event took place at The Market Bar in Chicago, with a live performance by The Duo-Nacotheque.

Manero—launched by luxury media powerhouse UrbanDaddy—is a new publication targeted at the bourgeoning affluent Latin American segment. “With Manero, we are bringing a new voice of authenticity to the marketplace,” said UrbanDaddy CEO Lance Broumand. “People of the Latin American community are craving something new and fresh, we think there’s a lot more to the Latino media diet out there and we hope to fill this gap with Manero.”

Besides performing for the official launch of Manero in Chicago, The Duo-Nacotheque has officially joined the “Socios Fundadores” club of the Manero brand. “It’s an honor to be part of Manero’s Socios Fundadores club, we appreciate their commitment to supporting Latino talent”, said Marcelo Baez from The Duo Nacoteque  “We are excited to see Manero soon become the “it” publication that keeps us connected with the Latino culture here in Chicago and other US cities.”

The Manero media brand revolves around social clubs that are ubiquitous in Latin American society. “These multipurpose institutions are an integral, dynamic and wide-ranging part of the cultural fabric where friends gather to engage in cultural, educational, athletic, musical and other recreational activities. These clubs are small worlds unto themselves, colored by the warmth and joie de vivre of Latino and Latin American culture. Just as each club has its own special personality and magic, Manero will be especially dynamic, interesting and entertaining,” said Manero Creative Director Fernando Cwilich Gil. “Think of Manero as a rich, sophisticated, exclusive clubhouse that exists both online and off. A fun, intelligent, dramatic and debaucherous lair where amazing and beautiful things happen around the clock.”

Both out of a deep passion for the content, community and mission statement of Manero, Heineken USA has chosen to be Manero’s founding sponsor and partner, and will play an important role in the brand’s social activities over the next year. Among other things, Manero and Heineken will be hosting a series of over-the-top launch events across the country and creating new content and technology channels, including both mobile and tablet products.

“As the digital landscape continues to rapidly evolve, our Heineken team wanted to be a part of helping drive the direction of branded entertainment in the digital space—from the very foundation of the brand. Heineken’s partnership with Manero is extremely forward-thinking and groundbreaking, as it puts a whole new definition to the marriage of ‘content and commerce’ online,” said Heineken’s Hispanic Marketing Director, Danny Mandelbaum.
Manero will engage readers with thoughtful, refreshing and stylish experiences by focusing on hyperlocal and curatorial lifestyle intel geared toward the young Latino looking to maximize his social lifestyle. Articles will provide readers with exotic, fresh and exclusive content and cover breaking news on new and classic restaurants, bars, clubs and happenings. Manero’s content will be distributed mainly via email, with a strong website, events and perks component. From sports and fashion to music to art and everything else in between. Manero has been launched in Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago; New York will follow in the following weeks.

As a part of the launch and ongoing community engagement efforts, Manero has assembled a select list of Socios Fundadores, or founding members, who will receive special status and perks for being amongst the first ambassadors. These influential Latin American individuals, selected from the worlds of art, sports, music and food, will host dinners, exclusive performances and other engaging opportunities for the Manero community.

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