Editor’s Note/Disclosure: We’re a happy user of nRelate 😉 And a special thank you to Mark Macias of 3MMediaGroup.com, and a featured HPRB contributor, who coordinated this special piece by Oliver Wellington – co-founder of nRelate.com – for us!

Did you know there are roughly 300 to 400 million English blogs on the web? With staggering numbers like that, you might think it is getting harder to get your website noticed on the Internet.

But actually, it’s getting easier to find and recruit new readers, thanks to advancements in technology.

One of those advancements comes from my company – nRelate, based in New York City. We developed a free software plugin that allows publishers to syndicate their material over the web and if they want, earn money from advertisers.

Larger publishers, like CNN and New York Post, have been marketing their content using a similar technology for years, but it was only recently that this world of content marketing was opened up to smaller publishers.

If you haven’t heard it yet, pay close attention to that phrase “content marketing” because it will be the buzzword for 2012.

Content marketing is pretty much what it says – marketing your content. You market your company. You market your product, so why aren’t you marketing your content? Our plugin allows publishers to market their content on the web to other readers using technology.

Some of our nRelate publishers have seen a spike in traffic within weeks after installing our plugin. One Spanish website, cuentosinfantilescortos.net, installed the nRelate plugin about 5 weeks ago and since then, their Click-through-Rate (CTR) has spiked by 13 percent. Another Spanish website, www.hormigacocinera.com, installed the nRelate plugin about two months ago and is approaching 8.5 percent growth. Other publishers who installed our plugin have seen a rise in roughly 5 to 20 percent in page views.

You don’t need to be a CIO to install the nRelate plugin. It’s so simple a fourth grader can install our WordPress plugin and over 20,000 publishers are already running our software.

This just reinforces the growth and potential for marketing your content as a publisher or even advertising your product as a business. The content marketing industry as a whole is skyrocketing and it will only continue to grow as publishers and businesses learn of it.

In 2011, nRelate grew more than 1000 percent across several metrics – website installations, widget impressions, click-through-rates, clicks per second. Those statistics may just seem like jargon, but if you need to market a business or website, those statistics need to become a component of your online marketing strategy. You use technology everyday. Now put it to work and start marketing your content.

Oliver Wellington Bio

Oliver Wellington is the co-founder of nRelate – a content marketing company based in New York City. Under his leadership, nRelate has grown from a small startup into a technology company that now services more than 19,000 publishers across the web. Before nRelate, Oliver worked in business development and management in the entertainment industry. Oliver earned his MBA from Babson College with a focus on Entrepreneurship and a BA in Psychology at New York University

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