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Macy’s is looking for eight people who need more than a new haircut or whiter teeth: The retailer is launching a Million Dollar Makeover, which will shower the “befores” with products, services, cash and experiences.

Describing it as a “makeover on steroids,” the Cincinnati-based retailer will seek nominations through its Facebook page, with finalists decided by Facebook voting. The winner will get a total reinvention from Clinton Kelly, Macy’s style expert and co-host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear.” Eight winners will get a total makeover, which will be filmed and posted to www.facebook.com/macys for open voting, two per week. Winning entries advance to the semifinals, with a $1 million ultimate makeover winner scheduled to be chosen in April.

“The winner will not only get some quality time with me to update their look, but will get a truly life-changing experience,” the fashion guru says in the chain’s release. “From fashion to finance to fitness, one lucky person will undergo a complete life transformation.”

The store says the effort is an attempt to boost its brand positioning as the store that helps people put it all together, “from their fashion to their homes to their lives,” Martine Reardon, EVP/ marketing, says in the release. “This will be the ultimate experience, taking Macy’s signature makeovers to the next level.”

143 thoughts on “Facebook: Macy’s Kicks Off Million-Dollar Makeover Search”
  1. I am writing this for my mother who is 77,a single mother of 5 girls ,working 3 jobs all her adult life ,just to give her daughters things she never had. Not only did she raise us alone ,but devoted her life to helping animals that have been abused or abandoned. She never thinks of herself, that is why her girls would love to see her pampered, so she could see the beauty we see in her!

  2. I am a mother of 4 girls and 1 boy. I had to raise my children almost by myself, as their father was working out of town a lot. I hope she wins in the makeover contest. MH

  3. I really hope God bless you and your family with all your need

  4. I shoul get a chance to win a chance to go shopping at macy’s becasue i have three sisters and three brothers an my parents got alot to pay for us when they take us shopping thats why i should get it.

  5. I feel Berniece Roberts needs help, she has had a tough battle in life with her son’s care.

  6. My mom is 81 and is a cancer and polio survivor, she also had six children and has 12 grandchildren. She is a widow of a man that recieved a life time achievemenat award for volunteering in his community and a vetern of 2 wars. I would like to nominate her because she loves life and has a very adventurest spirit. She has invested so much of her time and skills to others, it’s about time she was honored.

  7. Macy’s is the number #1 department store. I pray that who ever gets chosen as the winner will enjoy shopping at Macy’s. I live a simple life in Queens. Shopping is not everyday for me, but that doesn’t stop me from window shopping and seeing the latest styles. This is so cool from Macy’s just to give back, to put a smile in someones life. Love always Stephanie

  8. I’m 11 yrs old dream of been on tv but knowing I could never looking @ all the rich pretty kids knowing I couldn’t b but I’m very talented act model just dnt have the money I stay n houston & low class my mom is 28 yrs old n she’s sicc n a wheelchair was n a bad chair wreck n I just wnt to. Make her happy now I love school its my heart I knw if I wnt to be something I have to make it @ the top.. so plz picc me it will mean so much to me

  9. Hi I’m a 36yrs old mother of 2 girls and 2 boys. If I should win I will go shopping for all my children, god children, family, friends and donate to people who need school clothes, shoes, jackets and whatever else I buy for all the needed children here in Lake Charles, La, because a lot of children tease other children whom can’t afford nice things and my children is some of these kids being tease. Thank you for hearing me out.

  10. I have 4 step kids, my wife and I work hard to take care of our family. My wife been taking care of her children without any help from they fathers. I’m tried of seeing my wife working so hard and can’t afford nice things for herself and her children. I just wish she could win this, so she can get nice things for once. My wife loves to cook and bake. She also loves to have parties, so if I win I will give it to my wife, so she can fix up our house and have nice parties. For a change she will feel rich with all her nice things in her home.

  11. I’m all for the ultimate experience and this sounds like the perfect opportunity for me. Fashion and homemakeover is right up my alley. Not to mention meeting Clinton Kelly, one of my favorite hosts on
    tv. I AM ready to make my dreams a reality.

  12. Hello I am a 44 year old divorced mom of 3 .2girls 1 boy I put everyone else before myself Because that’s what your suppose to do when your kids are young to make sure they are straight . Now they are older 27,17and 16 they don’t need me as much now .it’s time now for me to live my life I would be honored to get a makeover and live again thank u

  13. Hi, I’m 48 (going to be 49 this May) and am terrified of being old….. got a reprieve as 49 isn’t 50 but it’s damn close. I’m not that hard to look at but it’s unbelievable how “old” I feel. I think I need that push from a professional, someone I won’t be insulted by. Family and friends? Their “help” is never very helpful. Thanks. kelly

  14. I would really like to submit my Mother, She has been talking about a Make Over for the New Year. She has always been a great dresser,and very fashionable,but she watches the great make over shows and would like to see what kind of changes she can make. I think she would make a great candidate.

  15. Clinton, maybe your a God sent for my son, he’s been an old dressing man all his life, I’ve tried to help with young styles but i have to admit my taste isn’t the best.His job is mentally and emotionally draining, he works as a clinical adviser which is very depressing, would you please help him to take time out for himself.and lift his spirit a bet.I’m very proud that he’s wanting to help other people, but he needs help now !!

  16. Hi. I’m a mother of five . Everyone says I’m out dated and should do something with myself LOL. I’ve always wanted to ne made over

  17. I’m in such a rut. I’m limited in what I can wear due to my disability,but still love to look good. I need tons of help and what a great way to start a New Year off with a chance to win . Thanks,Theresa

  18. I am 57 years old and need help not just help with make up and hair but with my weight as well. All my life I took pride in myself but my fifties have been devasting. My mother suffer for 4 years with lung and bone cancer and passed in March 2006 18 months after that January 2008 my father died from a broken heart, my boyfriend committed sucide 8 months after my dad died. Then October 2009 the job I had re-located to Houston – so needless to say I gave up on myself and need someone to hear my cry for help to fix what seems to be broken – still unemployed I feel the way I look has effected the reason I can not find employment. So I’m asking for a
    chance to participate in this contest. Thank you and here’s to a better life in 2012.

  19. Clinton I really enjoyed watching your show when I was. Able to have cable. Our family has had a. Rough year. My main way to shop is at theft stores.I don’t buy makeup and cut mine and my family’s hair. I wear tee. Shirts and jeans. I’m 488 now,my kids are grown and I would like to find out. Who I am again

  20. Hi.Im 31 yeares old,all my life i have confidence problem i was erase in brazil were woman are use to dress very provocative to feel pretty.now im almost 32 years old and my son is almost 14.Every time i have to go@ his school he gets very angry because all his friends talkes about me. 4 yeares ago i was engage with the father of my litle one he is 3 yeares old.we break up because he was fesycal and mentally abuse. for 4 years i couldnt were make up,i was not aloud to shopp for my self. Im currently living as a single mom with my 2 kids and going to church.i would love to change the way i dresse,i would love to lorne how to do a make up in my self, lorne how to dress for a job interview and also for my kids be proud of me as a mom and for my self to find the confidence that a men has stole from me. please help me believe in my self. I have not worked for 2 yeares im ready to start fresh a new me.sorry my inglish.

  21. Hi, I am 45 yrs old a mother of 3, stepmother of 3 and a grandmother of 3. My life revolves around my family, I hate to shop for myself when I know my kids need clothes, I just recently started going to a salon to get my hair done, only because the medications I was on was making my hair fall out. I have very fine, curly hair and it was awful, also not to many hair stylists in my small town know how to work with curly hair so I think I have had the same hairstyle since high school. My husband tells me I dress like an old granny but I just wear what I have…I actually hate shopping cause I hate my body. Please help this old lady turn into a young woman again!! Thank you!!!!

  22. Hi..My name is Vicky and I am 46. I am a single mom of an 18 and 22 year old. My children and I have struggled for many years but we are always there for each other. This year I was in a bad car accident and as a result, I lost my job. I am awaiting permanent disability. I have terrible spacing in my teeth and was going to have them fixed but lost my insurance. My weight has balloned out of control and I don’t know how to get myself back to where I like looking in the mirror. This sweepstakes would be a chance for me to feel like a woman again. I have sold almost everything to pay bills and get food. It would be like a dream to be given this opportunity…

  23. Hi Clinton,
    My name is Shirley and I am 53 years old. I’m in the healthcare field, working as a per diem Certified Nurses Aide, while humbling and rewarding, it can be bery difficult emotionally and physically. Somedays I feel like I’m 83 lol. I have not had a vacation in 8 years. I’m currently helping my brother, ( and have been for the last two years,) who was diagnosed with “early onset parkinson’s disease” at the age of fifty-three! My brother used to compete in Ironman competitions and win all kinds of awards, now he can hardly even walk!! It breaks my heart! Between working and assisting my brother, I’m very tired and look and feel very old!!
    I used to look and feel pretty, I dont feel very pretty at all these days!
    I humbly ask you to consider choosing me so I can change my life and continue to help my brother, ( which I plan on doing for the rest of my life, I love him very much), and to help us both to have a better quality of life! I would love to feel pretty again and with this money I could continue to help my brother and take us both on a nice long vacation which we both can use!! I know if I win this contest It would definately help me to look and feel much better (which I desperately need,) but more importantly it would help me to continue to assist my brother and help him to have a better quality of life as well, so you would be helping two people here!! Thank you so much for your time and consideration! Thank you Clinton and Macy’s for all you do to make our lives better!!!

  24. Greetings to you, and happy new year. My name is marti, and I’m 58 yrs old. I do not have any of the problems that some of these women have. Although, at one time I had a drunkard for a husband and I started drinking too so that maybe he would stop but he didn’t I had two little girls at the time and they went through alot with me and their father. One of my daughters passed away making meth she got burned, her lungs melthed and that’s what killed her. My other daughter Martha T Elizardo has gone through alot I could tell you alot more on some of the stories I have but there is just not enough space. I realy do think that she would be an excellent person to win this contest. She so desparate needs an uplift in her life, to make her see that there is some goodness in life! If she only had the opportunity to prove to you! She has been taking care of her father who is very ill for so many yrs too because of his drinking. She has illness problems as well.

  25. Hi, I’m 35 yoa mother of three beautiful girls, 6,2 and 1 years old. Ready to get rid of depression and find the happiest me. Struggling economically…but who is not? So ready to be healthy in body and mind, and in much need to loose half me (in weight). I thank God for everything I am and I have and for what I don’t. I’m getting older and is harder to loose weight, hide my wrinkles and be confident. I always thought that in order to love others you shall love yourself first and to make others happy be yourself happy too. And my appearance is not allowing this to happen 100%.

  26. Hey Clinton, my name is Mary Ross. I am a veteran of the US Army and also disabled. I suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety. I’ve been in several hospitals for my treatment and am currently on medication for my illnesses. Currently I am unemployed,married and struggling because I am in a battle to get my disability. Sometimes I feel as though there is no hope because of my situation, but with the help of my family and prayer, I’m hanging on. I’m 52 years old and I feel a makeover would be one of the many answers to my prayers. I’ve never had one, and would’nt know what to expect, but I’m sure it will be beyond my wildest dreams! Thank you and GOD BLESS!!!!

  27. My name is Evelyn and I would really like it very much if I could get a chance at your makeover.
    What would I have done is to fix my smile so I can be alittle more prettier within myself, dress a little better as well.
    I lost my husband 11 months ago to a heart attack, n now take care of my dad never make time for myself, which is why I have entered this dream of a lifetime for a girl like me!!!! Wishing the impossible!.

  28. Hi.I need help as a busy mom and nurse. I feel like I have no time for myself.Trying also to care for my son with autism and an aging parent makes life even more complex.I am watching myself aged and not living up to my potential.Please help me

  29. Hello,my name is allen,i just recently moved to north carolina to help out my mother with various issues that she should not have to handle on her own.For many years i have been helping so many people without helping myself,i guess you can say i havent been able to due to my situation of trying to provide for so many people.I always put others before myself to make sure those that i love are provided for,its what my father would have wanted me to do since his passing some 20 years ago.I remember telling my mother as we stood at my fathers’ side as he lay dead on this table at the hospital telling her i would take care of you mom.Ive done what i can and still doing what i can to take care of her,i pray that i will be in a positon to do more for her and my family,family is so precious! At this point in my life i need to be reinvented,since i changed the state i reside in,its time to change my state of MIND! allenh17@gmail.com.

  30. Hi, Clinton, I am in need of a true fairy godmother! I have been renting apartments for my whole adult life, and my true passion is to restore and protect turn of the twentieth century homes. I am currently living in a grand old lady who is crying out for someone to love her the way I would. We have been living here for 12 years, and I feel like she is home I have wanted since I was 10 years old!. I only wish that you could see her. I have seen many old homes demolished for lack of funding. My heart breaks each time I see this happen. I am legally blind, 60 years old, and the wife of a construction worker. I raised three children and am extremely proud of them and their accomplishments. Now it is time for this old lady to go after her passion in life. Please help me fulfill my greatest wish.

  31. Dear Clinton,
    My name is Carmen I’m going to be 62 years old in a couple of days and retiring in July 2012. I would like to be one of the winners in the Million Dollar Makeover. I do watch your TV show and wish maybe on day I’ll get the opportunity. Every woman need a make over once in their life…. Just Dreaming……..

  32. Hi Clinton, Where do I start? Medical leave in Dec 2009, 3 surgeries, April 2010, July 2010, Sept 2010, the last surgery I had, I lost my left foot about 8 inches below the knee. Have been doing alot of appt. to get fitted for a prostetic leg and will look like something normal, as close to possiable. All this has taken a toll on me..loss of leg, loss of dressing nice, feeling like a lady, not a slob, wearing awful sweats or stretchy capris because clothes just don’t fit over the prostetic leg,getting closer to perm leg. I’ve gotten lost in all that has happened to me. I’m outgoing, funny, good sense of humour, giving. I’ve missed family functions, Holidays Parties, just going out, because I’m embarassed of my looks and not sure how to dress to draw attetion away from the fact I wear a prostetic leg and draw attention to the person I am,out going, fun, vivacious person with a little big mouth and tell it like it is.I thank God everyday for my Husband, he’s the “Bread winner” now and has had to pick up the slack of the things I can’t do now. Yes we have had to struggle, alot! After 2nd surgery I pulled my self out of the house and applied for food assistance at the church. Not eating lead to severe anmeia after surgery so infection set in and I lost foot/leg. I’m lost, still am, and wondering how do I get back to me,I know its here somewhere.My hand is reaching out and waiting to be grasped, to pull me out of the abyss that I have tumbled so deep into, I’m very lost.. Please help……………chestnutpatricia@gmail.com, or Patricia Chestnut on FB.


  34. my name is jeannie i am 63 years old am married have twin boy and girl who just turned 38 years old i watch the chew every day even the reruns. i really could use a makeover and get to meet clinton kelly hope i win i live in ohio i have never won anything or had a makeover

  35. Hi my name is Etta, I am 37yrs of age and in the process of a major life change. I have struggled with raising my 2 boys, unstable finances, and being overweight my whole life. I decided to join a sports club in July of 2011 to lose weight. It is extremely difficult,but through hard work i have lost 64lbs so far. I really need to look like one person instead of looking like two people. Lol Through my life i have been faced with many challenges, that i would rather not pity over, its a new year and i will continue to preserver. I love working with people and helping others. This million dollar Macys challenge would be a dream come true and a fab fantastic start to my new life change. LIVE LOVE LAUGH

  36. Hi my name is Kim and I am the mother of 3 beautiful girls. My husband and I have been married for 15 years, I’m 38, and I need a total transformation. A few years back my husband and I lost everything to a bad business venture and I spend most of my days in sweats. I save my good clothes for job interviews and because my husband works in sales the income varies; varies from little to very little. This makeover is my chance to put my best foot foward and have my daughters be proud of their mom!

  37. We all, I think want to look and feel our best. I have watched your show and really enjoy watching the complete makeovers! It is truly uplifting to see such a major change in these women’s lives. I can only wish to be added to the makeover. There are so many women that seem to be in need of a complete makeover.
    Being a Realtor is hard enough, but looking my best is really hard sometimes. I want to look better than ever! I need a change and maybe this is just what will do the trick.

    God Bless,

  38. hello i love to stay fit and beautiful but i cant do it alone may be im one of the luckyest to be chosen im a single mom 53years old my daughter is grade12 i can do more what i want because of her she is the first one before anything

  39. Hello, I am a very hip 70 year young gal who loves looking like a class act at all times. I have been batteling lung cancer now since 2002 and now on my second battle. Life is great and so is my attitude. When my time is up honey I want to look fabulous. Bring it on and let me parade on the catwalk. Good luck to all you gals and we are all beautiful even if we don’t win the makeover.

  40. Hello I am a 61 year old Grandma of 14 grandchildren. I lost my house to a fire in 2001 and then lost my husband to Cancer in 2007. But I was blessed to have no one injured and fought insurance company for 4 years while holding my family together! As for my husband blessed again 38 years of haveing my best friend..quit my job and cared for him for 5 years until he passed away. My face looks like the lines on a map but it’s okay people have worse. I am retired now and work two jobs to keep the roof over my head until I can sell my house…I’m down to using eggs whites for facials so I can provide christmas presents for my family. I took on a class to teach at night to 24 special needs adults-life skills to help out…It is so rewarding but then again I buy them supplies so really how much am I making..but it doesn’t matter…I just feels right! My grandchild while at a nights sleep over jarred my jaw with a kick and now the bridge is loose…Denist says impossible to fix so it’s out of line when I eat! Please help! I want to just one day play dress up, and look good..not in sweats…not raggy hair and yellow teeth! Cinderella for a day!

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