Luis Miguel Messianu: Hispanic agencies are better prepared than general market agencies for the coming integration

Luis Miguel Messianu, president and CCO of Alma

(María Carolina Alonso, PRODU )

Luis Miguel Messianu, president and CCO of Alma, visited the PRODU stand on the last day of the AHAA, FIAP and Circulo Creativo conference to weigh in on the biggest subject of the event: the integration of the Hispanic market into the general market.

“I’m left with a good taste in my mouth – it was worth the struggle to make a reality of this meeting of AHAA, Circulo Creativo and FIAP. Aligning these distant planets was a lot of work but it was done, and I see it as the beginning of an alliance that combines the best of a lot of worlds and that is going to help all of us rise to the next level” said Messianu, who is also a member of the Circulo Creativo board of directors.

As for the main topic of the conference, introduced on the first day by Sir Martin Sorrell, about the integration of the Hispanic market into the general market and how that will influence the future of Hispanic agencies, Messianu said that in his opinion, “Hispanic agencies and ethnic agencies in general are better prepared (than mainstream agencies) for integration into the general market”.

“It’s not just a business opportunity, it’s a question of conviction, for us and for me personally. Part of our agency’s reason to exist since the day it was founded has been to raise the image, the participation and sophistication of U.S. Latinos, and I think most Latino agencies believe that, which is already a big advantage” he said.