Leave Louis a comment here, or at his blog LatinoRebranded.com, letting him know what your favorite social media site is.

Despite being told we should spread ourselves equally on a few social media platforms, everyone has a favorite.

Somewhere we develop an affinity with the small differences that makes each site unique. Maybe because of a site’s features, we feel that our personality is able to express itself more readily, or maybe we understand how one site works over another and feelings of familiarity wins us over.

There can be other reasons like “I’ve been using XYZ site for years – it’s all I know,” or the results of friendships, traffic or popularity makes us sneer with satisfaction.

I have two favorites: Twitter and my blog. For the simple fact that I’ve made great things happen on Twitter, and leverage knows no bounds. As for my blog, I can do what I want, when I want and whatever I want here.

What’s your favorite?

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