Five years ago, Lorena Mora-Mowry created Mujer Latina Blog, with the purpose of creating a place for Latinos to share their views, concerns and success stories.

Lorena is following her childhood dream of being a reporter and an author, and now Lorena is considered the voice of Latinos in the Midwest. As a blogger, Lorena has interviewed Latino executives, civil rights activists, performing artist, elected officials, community leaders, nonprofit organizations and everyday people.

On December 2010, after more than a million Page Views (according to, Lorena took a big step toward becoming a full web site by starting Now, Mujer Latina Today is a site that connects, informs and educates Latinos / Hispanics and inspires them with success stories. Between January 1st to March 7, 2011, Mujer Latina Today has had 362,000 Hits (according to SiteAnalitcs).

From being a blogger to developing a web site has given Lorena the opportunity to show how rich, diverse and talented the fastest growing group of the USA population is.  Over the years, Lorena’s audience has grown from the Midwest to viewers all across the US, as well as internationally.

Developing her blog and her new web site has not being easy for Lorena, but she understood that perseverance is a key ingredient of success. She was not afraid of growing slowly, she was afraid only of standing still (Chinese proverb).  Lorena faces challenges everyday, but she has kept in mind the words of Martin Luther King Jr.: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.

Mujer Latina Today was the only Latino media invited to cover the visit of the Dalai Lama at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in the fall of 2010. Further, she was the only media outlet that provided coverage in both English and Spanish. Her interviews with Latina leaders Dolores Huerta, Sylvia Mendez and Juana Bordas have changed her life and goals. This is because they understood the power of helping other Latinas within their community to find their inner strength to become leaders.

Lorena’s favorite book is by Juana Bordas. Juana’s book on leadership, diversity and change is title:“Salsa, Soul and Spirit”. It talks about how to incorporate Latino, African-American and Native-American leadership practices and to inspire today’s diverse and rich workforce.

Lorena’s background as a Corporate Attorney (Universidad de Los Andes, Merida, Venezuela) has given her a broad understanding and experience working with Latinos from many different backgrounds.

Lorena’s message to Hispanic youth is one she received when she interviewed Hollywood director Jesus Treviño; there is no excuse for Latinos not be at the front end of the new media. Everything is changing and we need to be looking forward and encouraging young Latinos to embraced internet age and emerging technologies.

Lorena faces Hispanic related cliches everyday. However, she believes the best way to eliminate them is doing what she is doing: by offering content in English and Spanish and to show how rich, diverse and talented today’s Latinos are.

Lorena gathers information from a diverse group of sources, including the Pew Hispanic Center, Media Post Blog and Hispanic PR Blog, among others. She is waiting patiently for the 2010 U.S Census information, especially to see what the impact will be on the Hispanic community.

Lorena volunteers with groups that provide leadership and support to Latinas in Ohio. Her community efforts have developed strong alliances with businesses and local organizations in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana that provide a voice and platform for the Hispanic population.

Lorena received the 2010 Distinguished Hispanic Ohioan Award for her leadership and tenacious work to help ensure Ohio’s communities become better places to live and work, not only for Hispanics, but for everyone. Lorena was also inducted in the  2010 LULAC Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame, in recognition for outstanding leadership in working toward a better future for the Latino community.

To learn more about Mujer Latina Today, please visit Look for Mujer Latina Today in Facebook and find Lorena Mora-Mowry in Twitter. Lorena can also be reached at or at 513.312.3611.

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