Today, Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc., the nation’s  independent, Hispanic owned and operated, full-service agency specializing in Hispanic marketing, unveiled a new Social Media Intelligence Center at its Houston headquarters. The new state of the art command center will be utilized by the agency’s digital and social media teams to monitor, analyze and engage real-time social conversations for its premier list of clients.
“The shift from social listening to social intelligence means using insights to inform engagement, drive content creation, build a community of advocates and, at the end of the day, cultivate meaningful relationships between the Hispanic consumer and our brands,” stated Alex López Negrete, president/CEO of the agency. “We wanted to build a capability beyond just monitoring the social space, and we are confident the social media intelligence center will continue to provide our clients with the richest of social data for their day-to-day and strategic objectives,” he added.
Through the social media intelligence center, Lopez Negrete Communications will provide campaign-specific and real-time analytics, content development and strategy, proactive social media outreach, competitive analysis, media performance, trends and buzz tracking as well as community management and training.
“While we are extremely excited about the ability to turn social insights into actions, the real business implication of our social media intelligence center is to allow a real-time understanding of trends, marketing effectiveness, campaign efficiency, customer service needs, and potential risks,” said Leonardo Basterra, executive director of Digital at Lopez Negrete Communications. “We want to make it easy for our clients to understand the social health of their brands and the implications of that health on their topline,” he added.
The Social Media Intelligence Center will handle daily workflow and triage operations, as well as emergency response and crisis communications needs as they arise.
“A key industry challenge is finding the thousands of conversations about a particular brand and building actionable plans around that data. We have created a playbook, a step-by-step guide to do just that, and to inform our clients when their particular brands might require specific attention and/or action. Being this close to the source enables us to better understand our customers and ultimately be a better partner for our clients,” said Julie Jameson Grayum, account director of Social Media for the agency.
The deployment of the Social Media Intelligence Center is the result of a six month phased approach toward building a best-in-class capability for Lopez Negrete Communications clients.
About Lopez Negrete Communications
Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc. is a independent, Hispanic owned and operated, full-service agency specializing in Hispanic marketing. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with offices in Los Angeles and New York, the company’s capitalized billings were $214.3 million in 2013. Since 1985, Lopez Negrete has offered a full range of advertising, marketing and public relations services to industry leaders, including Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Bank of America, Verizon Communications Inc. (Wireless and Telecom), SAMSUNG Telecommunications America, Kraft Foods (Singles and Natural Cheeses), NBC Universal Motion Pictures Group, NBCU Entertainment, Chrysler Corporation, Hulu, Southern California Edison, the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation and AARP. With more than 200 employees, Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc. is a proven leader in providing fully integrated national Hispanic marketing and communications services.

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