Thursday, On Thursday May 24th at 7:00 p.m. ET, Latinos in INformation Sciences and Technology Association will host their 11th Annual National Techlatino Achiever’s Award Gala, also known for their acronym LISTA, Latino in Information Science Technology Association, will recognize President and CEO of NewCom International, Jaime Dickinson for his cutting edge work in the industry of telecommunications, business savvy and working tirelessly in bridging the digital divide among Hispanic domestically and abroad.

“It is people like Jaime Dickinson who exemplify true leadership in the Latino community and is truly a beacon in our industry. He ensures that every Latino has the opportunity not only to understand the industry but to ensure that no matter how remote the region every child has a fighting chance for an education and to stay connected with the world they live in,” proclaims President and CEO of LISTA, Jose Marquez-Leon. “Dickinson reminds us that we need to do in this industry, which is to work tirelessly domestically and aboard for the great purpose of all.”

The Peruvian born CEO was humbled when he was tapped by the recognized national organization with grassroots tentacles within the community. “It is a true honor to receive such a prestigious award. Those that came before me were trailblazers, and to be considered one among them is truly humbling,” states Dickinson and continues; “It is important that children see us in zenith of success so they to believe as I did when I was their age, that with faith, hard work, and perseverance all is possible no matter where they come from despite the what of their skin, or their accent,” declares Dickinson.

One of Jaime Dickinson’s proudest moments was to be able to provide infrastructure to a rural region of Colombia, which is riddled with poverty, and drug infested crimes. The challenges faced by his organization were monstrous but more importantly the success that came out of the project was eternal. Jaime Dickinson will also have an opportunity to share with participants some of his experiences and insight in the industry as a panelist earlier in the day during the conference and award a scholarship to a young and aspiring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) student.

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