In Search of Latinos on LinkedIn

LinkedIn growth among Latinos is impressive: more than 100 percent in a year. According to comScore, by June 2011, 10 percent of Latinos online used LinkedIn. That is 3.1 million versus 1.4 in that same month in 2010.

Yet, finding Latinos online can be challenging as Giovanni Rodriguez wrote in his article “Where are all Latinos on LinkedIn?

I ran a search on LinkedIn and using both Latino and Hispanic terms, combined results showed only 112,000 people. That means that a mere 3.6 percent of the total Latinos on LinkedIn identified themselves as either Latinos or Hispanics. The same happened when I searched for active jobs. Only 82 jobs shown were related to either Latino or Hispanic terms, 0.18 percent of the total (45,501) jobs that were active. I also tried a search that included Spanish, and even though the results were higher (790), it still was less than 2 percent of all jobs on LinkedIn.

Read the entire article at ClickZ.

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