Colombian singer, songwriter and dancer Lily Vasquez, the first Hispanic woman to take in $50,000 over the internet to record her first CD, is leaping into the conquest of the American West with a new VIDEO production of her single “DEJATE QUERER [From the Heart].”

Lily Vasquez, who grew up in New York, has established herself in Dallas, Texas, setting her sights on the conquest of new markets such as the Western United States and Mexico. After the release of her first CD, “Pasion de Mujer [Passion of a Woman]” on the SELLABAND label, Lily received the acclaim and recognition of critics.

This performer of Latin/Dance/Pop/Rock in Spanish has introduced her music to such distant places as Holland, and also took part in the Festival of the Canary Islands, in Spain, where she had the opportunity to share the stage with Dominican singer  Angela Carrasco.  Distinguished music professionals have worked with Lily, such as multiple Grammy winner Angel Lopez, formerly of Son by Four, and others.

Lily Vasquez is available for concerts, festivals, community events, and benefits.  To see her videos and download songs, go to; to request an interview, high resolution photos, CD’s, DVD’s, promotional articles and other information, please contact Ana Elena Sanchez at; email:

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