In order to provide educators with a unique and engaging way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with their students, Isabella & Ferdinand Spanish Language Adventures, a Washington D.C.-based Spanish learning program for children, is providing members of The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages two free downloads from its highly acclaimed children’s album, Olé & Play! The Songs of Isabella & Ferdinand Adventures.

Through the initiative beginning on September 20th, over 50,000 foreign language teachers across the nation will be able to receive the songs “Las Aventuras de Don Quijote” and “Diego y Frida” for free and share them with students in the classroom.

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) is the nation’s largest and most pre-eminent association of foreign language teachers in US, representing the vast majority of Spanish teachers across the country and setting the linguistic norms for our National Education Standards.  The two free songs from the Olé & Play! album will be available from September 20 through November 30 to educators who are members of ACTFL. To sign up to be a member of ACTFL, please visit:

Uniting GRAMMY, LATIN GRAMMY and EMMY winning/nominated musicians with the teachers & students of the innovative Isabella & Ferdinand program, the Olé & Play! album has won strong praise from media, parents, and fellow educators for engaging students with music to teach language and culture.

Through the unique ACTFL offer, more teachers will now be able to share “Las Aventuras de Don Quijote,” where children follow the adventures of Cervantes’ self-styled knight Don Quijote and his sidekick Sancho Panza, and “Diego y Frida” which introduces students to Mexico’s two most iconic painters, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Using the music in the classroom will provide these educators with a fun and culturally meaningful addition to elementary school Spanish language or social studies curriculum for Hispanic Heritage Month.

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