New programming caters to the diverse lifestyles of U.S. Latinos

LATV, the national bicultural entertainment network, announced the April 18th launch of five new series created to engage the highly coveted bicultural 18-49 Latino demographic. With the reality genre serving as the main focus of LATV’s new series, the network plans to take on the paranormal world with Codigo Paranormal, the transformational reality genre with Transformacion Radical Express & Star Central and the romance genre with Chef 911 & Pareja En Llamas.

According to the latest U.S. Census figures, Hispanics account for 16.3 percent of the population – slightly more than 50 million Latinos are shaping the entertainment landscape and LATV is poised to meet their television viewing needs.

The five reality series set to launch on April 18 are part of an exclusive co-production deal with TECO TV that also provides to LATV shows such as Tu Decides, Mis Doctores, El Sazon de la Vida, Freak and Pasion Motor.


  • Chef 911 – More than just a cooking show, Chef 911’s host coaches couples of all ages on how teamwork in the kitchen cannot only be fun but also revitalize and save a relationship.
  • Star Central – A weekly show that will not only help you reach for the stars, but help you become a star! Star Central transforms the average person into a superstar with a team of entertainment industry professionals including a voice coach, choreographer, and a personal make-up artist. A special guest star adds the finishing touches by sharing personal tips on how to survive and thrive in the celebrity world.
  • Pareja en Llamas – Is your love life in the dumps? Can’t stand your partner? Heading to Splitsville? Pareja in Llamas rescues troubled relationships. Show hosts work to get disconnected couples back together again through improved communication and reigniting the passion!
  • Codigo Paranormal – Follow along as a team of forensic specialists visit locations with paranormal activity and attempt to uncover links with the afterlife to explain the unexplained.
  • Transformacion Radical Express – Transformacion Radical Express takes a makeover to a whole new level. See for yourself how an average person is taken from the street and given the opportunity to undergo a real nip and tuck experience to compete with the model elite.
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  1. I WANT A TRANSFORMATION RADICAL EXPRESS =( maybe tht would change all my life . If I only had a chance =,(……

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