Eduardo Blancas lends his multifaceted media insights and global news expertise to viewers

LATV, the only remaining Latino-owned TV network in the U.S., announces the addition of veteran news anchor, Eduardo Blancas to its Noticias LATV talent lineup. In recent months, LATV has been committed to strengthening the bridge between its programming and its core demographic (viewer 18-49). Appointing Blancas as lead anchor of LATV’s daily national newscast, proves the networks commitment to serve high-quality television to bicultural Latinos clamoring for real-time coverage, commentary, and analysis of current events that impact their daily lives.

Blancas is a seasoned 20-year veteran journalist respected in both Mexico and the United States for his career that has spanned coverage of both national and international news. Blancas’ perspective on journalism is that the link between the news and society can be maintained so long as the news is produced to meet the needs of the public.

“Eduardo fits the bill perfectly for our viewers because he is passionate about not just reporting today’s news but making it relevant for how and why today’s news matters in our lives,” said Luca Bentivoglio, COO LATV. “This is precisely the link our viewers are looking for. Eduardo connects with viewers because he draws them in to dialogue as a community, as an informed public.”

Noticias LATV airs daily Monday through Friday, 5PM PT / 8PM EST.

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