In Omaha today (uh-huh), I am speaking at the National Hispanic Corporate Council (NHCC)’s annual meeting. Two things are on my mind: how Omaha is a fitting place for a discussion about virtual life (the topic of my talk) and how much my life has changed since my first brush with the NHCC.

It’s been close to two years since I gave the keynote at NHCC’s San Francisco Think Tank on social media. At the time, I knew little about the world of Latin American marketing, and had only an armchair scholar’s interest in the emerging power of Latinos online. Since then, the world of Latin American digital has become one of several areas of professional focus for me, and it’s what I most often speak about when asked to point to the most interesting trends in social media.

As for Omaha, it’s a reminder of what my personal life has become over the past two years, partly as a result of all these speaking engagements: I live on airplanes. If you read the book or saw the film, “Up in the Air,” Walter Kirn’s wry tragic-comedy about modern corporate life – you’ll recall that protagonist Ryan Bingham’s physical home is Omaha. But he’s almost never there. He says he lives in airports, but his home is mostly virtual.

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