Marketers Gustavo Razzetti, Chief Engagement Officer at Grupo Gallegos, and Giovanni Rodriguez, award winning consultant and strategist, launched their new book, Latinosphere: Marketing With Latinos in the Age of Digitaltoday.

This book is a compilation of entries from the writers’ columns on ClickZ. It addresses the growing influential role that Latinos are playing in the marketplace and outlines the new paradigms that marketers need to consider in order to succeed. The authors share their combined experiences of working in both public and private sectors with tips, insights, and case studies that help build an actionable Latino marketing playbook.

Some of the industry’s most prominent influencer’s commented on this new work and it’s relevance.

Google’s Head of US Hispanic audience, Mark Ignacio Lopez, said: “The impact of the Latino consumer over the next 5-10 years will reshape how US marketers plan for growth. Most of these new Latino consumers will be connected ready to act as ambassadors of brands that can culturally connect with this important consumer segment. Gustavo and Giovanni address a key component of the marketing mix: how to engage digitally and develop meaningful cultural connections through paid and earned media.”


Roberto Orci, CEO of Acento Advertising added: “Gustavo Razzetti and Giovanni Rodriguez, through a collection of recent articles, shine a contemporary light on a wide range of topics. Topics that are important to any marketer interested in today’s most significant growth opportunity. I especially tip my hat to the authors for the clear and often witty writing that makes absorbing the wide-ranging topics a pleasure. Read on and learn what every marketer should know in today’s increasingly multicultural America.”


Jaqueline Hernandez, CEO of Telemundo Media concluded: “Latinosphere looks at how the Hispanic consumer is leapfrogging technology usage. As marketers, we need to be where our consumers are, which is on linear and nonlinear platforms with engaging content, that is culturally relevant… both long form, short form, and social form. Gustavo and Giovanni look at the consumer and today’s media landscape providing rich information and actionable insights.”


Gustavo and Giovanni will also be discussing the book’s insights at the SES Conference & Expo in San Francisco on Thursday, August 16th at 10:45am PST.

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