In my last column, I talked about a conference I was attending where the topic was “The State of the Latinosphere.” The venue was Omaha, and the crowd was the National Hispanic Corporate Council, an influential group of marketers, diversity officers, and other leaders who watch the latest trends for the Fortune 500 companies they represent. At the conference, there was lots of interest in the collective power of Latinos online, so for my talk I coined a phrase that might add a few dimensions to that collective power: Latinos online are like a country. Let’s call that country the Latinosphere, and let’s try to understand its laws, its language, and its leaders. Do that, and you may get a better sense of how to leverage one of the most interesting phenomena in digital marketing: as a group, Latinos are growing faster than any other in the world we call social.


I won’t go into all the reasons why. Instead, let me share what was probably the most relevant angle to folks at the event. My presentation (based on interviews with 50-plus leaders in marketing and a comprehensive review of whitepapers, articles, and blog posts) revealed that the Latinosphere provides marketers with an approach to doing something that every marketer wants to do: make social media grow.

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