Many Latinos are gathering on Twitter via hashtags. How do marketers connect with them?

In an earlier column, we observed that Latinos not only index higher on Twitter than any other ethnic group, but also self-index higher: that is, we tend to self-identify, self-organize, and self-categorize more than other folks. The tool of choice for all of this self-indexing is the Twitter hashtag – select words and phrases preceded by a hashmark (for example, #twitterlandia – an actual hashtag on Twitter) that make individual tweets more searchable. They also make individual tweeps (the people doing the tweeting) more findable, which is the greater opportunity for Latinos – and marketers hoping to engage Latinos – on the vast river of information that is Twitter. Without the hashtag – a simple innovation created by users themselves – Twitter would be unmanageable.

Read the entire article at ClickZ (Giaovanni Rodriguiz).

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