When you look at the numbers of Latinos in management positions the numbers represent a challenge, especially when Latinos represent 16% of the U.S. population and $1.3 trillion dollars in purchasing power. Additionally, research shows that only 1% of Latinos are CEOs in corporate America and less than 5% are in director level positions. So what can be done to change this? The answer involves learning how to position, develop and advance Latino leaders, which is precisely the work the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) has been doing for more than 25 years.

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of Latino professionals, HACE helps Latinos succeed in every phase of their careers by providing services to over 50,000through education, access, and professional development. They have placed more than 25,000 Latinos in career fields related to accounting, marketing, healthcare, and finance, among others. The success doesn’t stop there. At 6:00pm on Friday, October 21, 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, HACE will celebrate the successful advancement of four Latino leaders in different positions ranging from entry to senior level. The annual fundraiser, known as Sembrando el Futuro (Seeding the Future), will coincide with the Hispanic Heritage month. There will be live Latino music, food, a silent auction and the chance to network with a group of diverse and distinguished leaders. The award recipients Cristina Aguirre, Michelle Caraballo, Pete Guzman and Patricia Garza will be recognized for their career growth within Wal-Mart, Columbia College, Aon Cornerstone Innovative Solutions and Allstate Insurance.

The celebration also honors the partnership with legendary boxing sportscaster and writer, Al Bernstein, who will serve as master of ceremony for the event. “Through our partnership with Al Bernstein, we aim to offer a gateway to career opportunities in sports and entertainment where we know Latinos have been skillful, a huge success and can continue to be,” shared HACE’s President, Sergio Fernandez.

Al Bernstein adds, “Throughout my career I have chronicled the success and challenges Latino boxers and broadcasters have faced throughout their lives which not only deal with language and cultural issues but also with stereotypes and the hardships of pursuing a career in boxing as recent immigrants. The difficult parallels in the sport of boxing represent similar issues Latino professionals endure. Together with HACE we would like to bring more attention to these inspiring stories and build awareness and preference for Latinos interested in pursuing careers in sports, media, and broadcasting.”

HACE is proud to work with such an accomplished entertainer such as Al Bernstein and looks forward to the continued success of focusing on the sport of boxing and entertainment while accomplishing their mission of being a resource for Latino professionals and a source of expertise and insight for corporations seeking to access their talent. Through El Futuro program, HACE coaches and mentors high school and college students. Jobs have been provided through their Mujeres de Hace program allowing women to achieve success at work, home and in their communities.

With just 300 Chicago-based members in 1982, today they have grown to 40,000 members nationwide, including 100 business partners that have participated in HACE career conferences in New York, Houston, and Chicago. HACE promotes Latino diversity through recruitment, retention and development programs in partnership with leading employers who build loyal relationships with Latino professionals. To purchase tickets for Sembrando el Futuro Fundraiser call 312-435-0598 or visit http://www.haceonline.org. This event could not be possible without its sponsors: National Council of La Raza, Sara Lee, Allstate, Primera, Aon Cornerstone Innovative Solutions, Mesirow Financial, and Chicago Latino Network.

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