We just finished collecting data for our multicultural marketing study (Florida State University’s Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication with the collaboration of DMS Insights). The suprise, again this year, 2011, is that once Latinos are online they are more likely than other cultural groups to innovate in the digital space.

In this new study we found that Hispanics in general and Asians are more likely to have a blog than anyone else. Perhaps even more surprising is that Latinos who prefer to answer in Spanish are more likely than anyone else to have a website of their own.

We have found this tendency over the past 5 years, and it continues. It would have been expected that over time, members of other cultural groups would catch up and even out the field. That has not been the case. What that tells us is that Latinos are truly engaged with online technology.

Read the entire article at Dr. Felipe Korzenny’s Blog.

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