The notion that coupons don’t work with Latinos has been one of those unquestioned truths of Hispanic marketing. Any time clients asked their agencies about Hispanics and coupons, you could expect the same kind of answer: those two don’t match.

On the other hand, some direct marketing professionals – especially in the past few years – have been trying to correct that notion. As Vincent Andaloro, president of Latin-Pak says, as cited by Promo Magazine, “If advertisers would spend more money on coupons they would reach more Hispanic consumers…”

The Latin American Heritage

Historically, coupons have never been a big deal in Latin America. According to Nielsen, only 15 percent of consumers in Latin America use coupons versus 67 percent of respondents in the United States.

This lack of “cultural heritage” in terms of coupons definitely affects Latinos living in the U.S. If you take a look at country of origin, the fact that Puerto Ricans and Cubans are more familiar with coupons and use them more often than Mexican Americans, for example, reinforces this notion.

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Editors Note: The charts below provide additional insight into Google searches for the keyword “cupones.” As you can see, interest has increased about 4-fold since 2008. More interesting, however, is the geographic information shown in the second and third charts (click on them to enlarge).