This week marks the beginning of New York’s Advertising Week. The five-day gathering is put together by an industry keen on showing the world that it’s (slightly) more than the cigars, cocktails and witty scripts of Mad Men. Speakers and attendees will attempt, between dizzying networking breaks, to solve the perennial challenge of brands getting customers to like them and buy them.

This takes place as the ad industry battles multiple challenges, including a moribund economy making customers and clients iffy. To this you add a hyper-dynamic media environment where once omnipotent agencies now yield to a more powerful and connected consumer, digital and social media that have redefined innovation and creativity, client procurement departments squeezing agency profit margins, and brand managers that just don’t trust agencies to identify the next big thing and engage consumers.

By Roberto Ramos/Vox Collective – Read the entire story at Huff Post Latino.

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