Latinos: A Better Life Awaits Us

By Miguel Orozco

After seeing one of the best films since Gregory Nava’s El Norte, feelings of pride and personal connection disappeared when I realized that this powerful film called “A Better Life,” with an all-Latino cast and already garnering positive reviews, may not be seen by millions of Latinos unless we take action and get the word out.

It’s not news that we don’t see many Latinos on movie screens, even though the 2010 U.S. Census announced that more than 50 million of us live in this country and that we command $1 trillion in buying power. It took over twenty years to make “A Better Life.”  However, if the movie does not have a strong turnout in only two movie theaters in Los Angeles and two theaters in New York on June 24,th the mainstream media will once again conclude that there’s no need to make films about Latinos, because Latinos don’t watch them.

That would be a big mistake. Because while Latinos may not appear on the big screen very often, we are packing in movie houses. In fact, according to the Motion Picture Association of America, 43 million Latino moviegoers purchased 351 million movie tickets in North America in 2010. That’s a $2.7 billion market.

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