Latinos Silent about Science

If getting Latinos to vote is hard, try getting them into science – specifically life sciences. In the U.S. the amount of Latinos who hold a Masters degree is just above 2% and the amount of Latinos who hold a doctorate is less than 1% Those statistics are disheartening.

After participating in a few discussions about the lack of Latinos holding a degree in higher education, I decided to do an interview with my brother.  He holds a PhD in Physics.  Growing up I watched him study hard, sometimes late into the night to go after his goal.  The doubt of him reaching his goal never entered my mind, as I’m sure it never entered his.

Hopefully, if you’re on a similar path you’ll find some words of inspiration and encouragement.  Feel free to leave a comment if you wish to ask him a specific question.

Read the entire post at Latino Rebranded.

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