Online news, humor and social commentary platform Latino Rebels releases Color Correct News, a web comedy series developed by award-winning writer and producer Rick Najera. The production includes 10 webisodes filmed at Illuminate Studios, in Hollywood.
The show aims to satirize anti-diversity rhetoric and stereotypical portrayals in news. In the three-minute pilot episode titled Dump Trump, news anchor Najera interviews a Donald Trump character via phone to discuss the latest Saturday Night Live debacle.

“I wanted to do Color Correct News to give a diverse perspective on the news. I’ve been doing diversity my whole career. I was born into diversity and comedy is the best way to get people engaged and talking about real issues from all points of view,” says Najera, a member of the Latino Rebels advisory board.

“Part of the relevant and entertaining content we’re curating includes an injection of smart humor without recurring to the lazy recycling of sexist, racist and bigoted jokes. Color Correct News reflects these core values. It seamlessly merges news and humor to change the narrative. We’re incredibly honored to have Rick Najera work with us,” adds Latino Rebels CEO Marlena Fitzpatrick.

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