According to a recent study, only 60 – 70% of brand decisions are partially or totally unplanned when a shopper enters a store. In addition, a study by Nielsen reported that only 14.2 percent of supermarket shoppers pick up a ‘shopper’ at the supermarket entrance and glance through it to find out what products are on sale.

One reasonable conclusion is that most consumers have not yet decided what brands they are going to buy and could still be influenced to select a brand other than their favorite, if the price is right. It might also be concluded that the consumer is looking for price promotions and may sacrifice brand loyalty for savings. With this in mind, grocery stores and other retailers are continuously looking for ways to influence consumers to purchase their product or service.

Hence, retail outlets are loaded with POP display advertising. Some, like the innovative displays by the POPI Company, are more effective than others.

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In 2001, Juan Marerro, founder and CEO of the POPI Company, was working in Marketing and Sales in Puerto Rico. It was there he came up with an idea for an innovative digital Point-of-Purchase display.

A few months later, Juan brought his idea to New York, and it didn’t take long before the business took off. He secured 54 contracts in a short period of time. But just as he was wrapping up the installations, tragedy struck NYC… And in the aftermath of 9/11, Juan lost nearly all of the capital he invested in his company. He closed his doors and returned to Puerto Rico.

Now, a decade later, Juan and POPI are back – with a new and improved POP display. The new display units consist of an attractive back-lit oval box made with acrylic material. The unit is 60 inches long, 21 inches high and 6 inches wide. In the center, there are two back-to-back 22-inch LED flat screen color monitors. At the ends of the overall unit, there are back-lit spaces that are 11 inches long and 19 inches high; these spaces are the store aisle markers.

The new units play a one-hour loop of 30-second spots on a flatscreen LED, delivering compelling advertisements in a digitized, high definition format via an internet-based network. At only $79 month, they are an extremely cost effective way for brands to reach shoppers in supermarkets, drug stores and other retail outlets with both a visual and audio message at a point where they are ready, willing and able to buy.

The slick new POP units provide a major enhancement for stores, and are a win-win for everyone, according to Juan.

  • Store owners receive an incremental revenue stream based on a fixed percentage of the net profit, as well as free spots where they can advertise current deals, in exchange for placement within their outlets. His company takes care of the maintenance, and manages all the programming remotely via satellite internet. The units create an enhanced ‘product position’ revenue stream, as all shelf space/real estate within a 15 feet radius of the flat screens will now command premium position fees in addition to the aisle end caps. In addition, it creates an enhanced ‘backup stock storage’ revenue stream as consumer products demand larger quantities of reserve inventory occupying more retailer floor space.
  • Advertisers have a low-cost way to engage shoppers with a high impact visual and audio message at the point-of-purchase – when they are ready, willing and able to buy at at a comparatively low cost of thirteen (13) cents per spot. It provides advertisers with the opportunity to secure a messaging outlet edge over competition with category exclusivity locking out the competition, as well as the opportunity to increase unit sales.

While any product/service message can be piped into any category retailer where consumers shop for merchandise, the arrangement can be best optimized when the product/service can be purchased within the establishment.

To find out more about this opportunity to leap frog competition offering ‘patent pending’ aesthetically pleasing high tech aisle directories (HI-TEK Aisle Directory) that promote consumer products and services and deliver a positive retailer brand image, contact Juan Marrero by email at, or by phone: 914-826-0273.


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