Several interesting news articles and research reports have come out in recent days and weeks about the “media.” I dedicated much of my last blog post to the subject so I thought it appropriate to follow up. The crux of these reports point to the success of Spanish media platforms during the last year, most especially to television, where Univision’s audience competed and even surpassed, at times, mainstream media viewership. The leading source of most of the articles is State of the Media’s Annual Report, a comprehensive study report compiled by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. Check out “Hispanic Media: Faring Better Than Mainstream Media” by Emily Guskin and Amy Mitchell of the “Project for Excellence in Journalism”, to read about this more in-depth.

So, in my last blog I presented “disconnect,” as a perceived view, of what for me has been mostly an implicit feeling that while the English mainstream media still is not delivering enough; our needed, important and influential platforms aren’t either, and to our detriment.

I realize this is a loaded argument but my intention is not to nit pick flaws or disconnects without reason. On the contrary, in order to present alternatives and possibilities, I believe we must look at these disconnect — so that we may connect the dots.

Read the entire article at Huff Post Latino.

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