56% contribution, 43% growth rate and only 1.2% of the budget? There is something wrong with this picture…

Between the debt ceiling uncertainty, world markets declining and businesses struggling to survive, one question unites market analysts and CEOs alike; what should we do to grow? Where should we invest for the future?

For corporations, for example, the summer marks the season of 2012 business planning. This is a time when their brightest and most creative minds gather to figure out the next big trend and uncover that one golden nugget that will set them apart. Would it be an iPad app? An increased focus on “green”, exploring emerging markets or introducing an all-natural low-calorie product? While all of these seem enticing and trendy, when it comes to the hard numbers around contribution, growth and key drivers of volume in America’s top markets, we come back to one answer: Latinos are the engine for growth.

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