NEW YORK, NY – Latino Leaders Magazine has named Latino media entrepreneur Louis Pagan, owner of LAT3G Media Group and co-founder of Latinos In Social Media (LATISM) to its 2010 “Ones to Watch: Inspired Leaders” list.

Latino Leaders Magazine said Pagan “has placed himself squarely between two rapid growing groups: social media users and Latinos.  In doing so, he has effectively set himself up to lead a new generation of users toward best practices and most effective methods in the new social environment.”
Pagan says the recognition is an honor because it represents that innovation and hard work can still be recognized in a changing industry, and serves as an inspiration to those who wish to leverage their influence.

“I’m honored to be recognized as an industry influencer and dedicate this honor to all those who I work with in social media, especially the Latinos In Social Media group,” said Pagan, who helped bring to market the first Hispanic social media national conference last year.  “This honor is an example of how new media is being built from the inside out – that is, by the users of media that produce content through their deliberation day in and day out.”

Pagan was one of 15 leaders spotlighted in the January edition of the magazine.  To the see the full list of honorees visits or subscribe to the magazine.

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