In an effort to raise awareness for Feria De Salud in the Bronx, Sofrito Media Group and Capicu Cultural Showcase have started a month-long campaign to share resources to promote healthy living via social networks like BlogTalkRadio, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The #PorTuFamilia campaign supports the American Diabetes Association (ADA) as it prepares for its largest Latino event of the year Feria de Salud, scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 17, 2013. Every year in New York City, the ADA produces a live event for Latinos in St. Mary’s Park, Bronx, NY. The average attendance is about 4,000 people. The goal of the Feria is to illustrate the importance of learning about preventing and managing diabetes and making healthy lifestyle choices. This is accomplished through health screenings, fun and informative workshops and activities, which take place throughout the day.

The campaign launched July 14 with a live broadcast titled “Let’s Talk about Diabetes in Our Community” on Radio Capicu, an online radio show that focuses on issues in the Latino community on Blog Talk Radio. In just one week, 480 twitter influencers from some of the biggest Latino platforms such as Hispanicize, Capicu Culture, Sofrito For Your Soul, LATISM, DigiBunch, Latina Mom Bloggers and Being Latino have reached over 690k Twitter accounts sharing messages of support, prevention tips and helpful resources with a focus on diabetes.

The #PorTuFamilia campaign has also received many community generated photos with children and adults alike; sharing facts and testimonials about how Diabetes has touched their lives using the #PorTuFamilia hashtag to share on Facebook and Instagram.

Sofrito Media Group has also created a website,, using the platform to help curate all the content being generated by the campaign into a website that people who do not use social media will have access to the same information.

The campaign will close the day of the Feria De Salud with live “social media coverage” from local influencers engaging on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram video.

One thought on “Latino Influencers Ignite Social Conversation about Diabetes”
  1. A very worthy initiative digno of attention, coverage, and hopefully soon a national campaign. #PorTuFamilia

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