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A recent blog post in Forbes might help marketers grasp one of the most enduring principles of digital and technology: while some things never change, what changes around the edges is what’s most interesting.

The blog post, “The World’s Most Powerful Latino Celebrities,” has a catchy but somewhat misleading headline: it’s a look at the emerging power of Latino celebrities, but the list (at the end of the article) is no more than a list of the eight Latino celebrities who appear in the recent Forbes Celebrity 100 List. Nothing against Forbes (I am a regular contributor), but a list from a list should force you to ask questions (e.g., can you really take the eight out of context?). And while the list is not your typical Forbes list (as they explain, it’s not just about money, but also about fame), it still strikes me as antiquated in the new world of digital, where marketers have grown to tolerate a bit more complexity. And nothing against the blog post, or the headline. The author, Anderson Antunes, does a great job making the case for Latino celebrity marketing, qualifying the opportunity with facts and figures (market size, demographic patterns, and the clout of celebrities in the digital era). But it’s precisely the size of this opportunity that requires marketers to think carefully before they set out to recruit someone for their next campaign. If you are going to do this, get it right.

Read the entire article by Giovanni Rodriguez at ClickZ.

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