Latina Style Business SeriesDIÁLOGO  has partnered with the LATINA Style Business Series to connect Latina business owners during a one-day event in Anaheim on Thursday August 10, 2011 at Disneyland Magic Kingdom Hotel.

In response to a lack of programs assisting Latina entrepreneurs, in 1998 Latina Style Magazine created the LATINA Style Business Series, a one-day education and business development event concentrating on solving some of the most critical business challenges faced by the Latina entrepreneur.  Now in its 13th year, the Business Series addresses business challenges from a Latina perspective and the Latina experience.

“The 2011 Anaheim LATINA Style Business Series is a perfect partner for DIÁLOGO, in our quest to continually bring together Latina business owners with corporations and government agencies,” said Lucia Matthews, the public relations firm’s founder and executive director.  “We constantly look to capitalize on all of the ways that we can connect our clients and partners with emerging Latina business thought leaders.  I am excited that my firm will be a part of the Business Series in Anaheim.”

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