Meredith Corporation announced today that it will increase rate bases for its industry leading Hispanic media brands. Effective with the February 2012 issues:

  • Siempre Mujer, the leading Hispanic women’s lifestyle publication launched in 2005, will raise its rate base to 550,000 from 500,000, an increase of 10 percent
  • Ser Padres, the leading parenting title in the Hispanic market, will raise its rate base to 850,000 from 700,000, an increase of 22 percent
  • Ser Padres Espera, aimed at the expecting Hispanic Moms market, will increase to 400,000 from 350,000, an boost of 14 percent

“This growth reflects the continued demand for our titles among the growing marketplace of young, active Hispanic consumers,” says Enedina Vega-Amaez, Publisher, Meredith Hispanic Ventures. “It also demonstrates how well our strong editorial vitality and relevant content appeals to modern Hispanic women and parents.”

Vega-Amaez notes the increased rate bases reflect an upward growth trend over the past several years. In just the past three years, Ser Padres has raised its rate base from 500,000 to its new level of 850,000, a 70 percent increase. Siempre Mujer has raised its rate base from its initial launch of 350,000 to 550,000, nearly a 60 percent increase.

Meredith’s Hispanic titles also continue to draw strong appeal from leading advertisers and marketers.  Advertising revenues are up nearly 50 percent for Siempre Mujer and more than 30 percent for Ser Padres through the first six months of Calendar 2012, according to the Media Economics Group, which provides competitive intelligence on magazine and online advertising targeted to the Hispanic and African-American markets.

Key categories fueling advertising growth for Meredith’s Hispanic titles include Toiletries & Cosmetics and Food & Beverage.  Among the leading advertisers are well-known companies such as Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal, Mars and Kellogg’s.

“Global marketers clearly understand the growing influence and importance of the Hispanic women’s marketplace,” says Tom Harty, President, Meredith National Media Group. “We believe that our broad portfolio of brands and strong editorial content provide them the ideal environment as they look to engage and connect with Hispanic women.”

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