Latinos are early adopters of mobile phones and 28%more likely to own a mobile phone than non-Hispanic whites.

How do Latina moms monitor mobile security risks?

To find out, we recruited 270 Latina moms—150 had already purchased phones for their children and 120 are about to purchase a mobile phone for their child. We explored how Latino children use mobile phones and the ways their mothers monitor phone usage.

Findings of the “Latina Moms on Mobile Phone Security for their Children” report:
The age children are given their first mobile phone is getting younger.

The rapid adoption of smartphone technology and affordable family plans are leading to children being given access to mobile phones at earlier ages. For Latino children, the average age is 12. And in the next six months, 43% of moms surveyed are planning to get children younger than 12 years old their first phone. In some families, children as young as 5 years of age.
While mobile phones may help Latino Moms manage children more effectively they also add a new parenting challenge.
The two main reasons Latina moms have given for opting to get their children mobile phones are to: 1) track their children’s whereabouts and, 2) have the ability to communicate with them. The phones have become an important way for moms to manage their increasingly independent children. But conversely the phones have added a new and significant parenting challenge—ensuring that their children are using their phones safely and wisely. Moms are mostly concerned that their children may be wasting time, using their phone unwisely and accessing inappropriate content.
The top three mobile usage concerns:

  1. Increased access to inappropriate content on their phone
  2. Sexting on their phone
  3. Using phone at inappropriate times and places (e.g., school)

Moms want a better way to manage their children cellphone usage.

Latina moms are trying to meet this new parenting challenge by setting clear rules and monitoring usage. Today, 80% of Latina moms reportedly monitor their child’s mobile usage manually.


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