Ambitious Latinas are mentored by professional Latinas in the areas of business, relationships, fitness, financial management and more

New Latina. a bicultural online lifestyle magazine centered on personal growth for today’s ambitious Latina, announced the launch of Mentoring Hermanas: Ask a Professional. The Q&A mentoring platform on Facebook was created to serve career-bound and talented Latina women seeking formal mentorship and guidance in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, healthy eating and fitness, life, relationships, family and parenting.

Publisher and CEO of New Latina, Angélica Pérez-Litwin, PhD, sought to address the observation of a lack of formal mentorship for Latinas by establishing the anonymous Q&A Facebook platform.

“The availability of formal mentorship for Latina women is often limited (if any) to high tier positions in corporate sectors or in higher education environments,” said Pérez-Litwin.  “Rarely are Latinas mentored by other Latinas, therefore leaving a large portion of career-bound and talented Latina women without the opportunity to benefit from a mentoring relationship, especially with Latina mentors.”

The Mentoring Hermanas: Ask a Professional program features eight leading Latinas recognized in their areas of expertise and include the following:

  • Michele Ruiz – Entrepreneur; Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Yesenia Morillo-Gual, M.B.A. – Work, Career & Corporate World
  • Carmen Ordoñez – Fashion Expert and Television Personality; Beauty & Fashion
  • Angélica Pérez-Litwin, PhD – Psychologist ; Life & Personal Well-Being
  • Lisa Velazquez, M.A. – Romance & Relationships
  • Anna Elizabeth Reynoso – Personal Finance Coach; Money & Personal Finances
  • Melissa Martinez-Machado – Certified Holistic Health Counselor; Health & Wellness
  • Marisol Godinez-Brainin – Food, Coach, Personal Trainer, Chef; Fitness & Nutrition

Located in the New Latina Facebook fan page, Mentoring Hermanas welcomes today’s new generation Latina to submit questions via a form on the fan page and select a professional of their choice to answer their question. Responses are emailed directly and shared anonymously on the site to benefit all in the social community.

The Mentoring Hermanas initiative is true to New Latina’s philosophy of personal growth and empowerment through education and information. Other programs modeled after the core value offering include College Applications E-Mentoring; promoting the advancement of Latinas in college via a community of students, parents, high school guidance counselors, entrepreneurs and professional individuals who come together to mentor one another by sharing resources; and the Latina Online Business Directory; an online resource of Latina-owned businesses ranging from “solopreneurs” and online companies, to large start ups and non-profits.

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