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Latin Trade Group announced today that the prime minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe, will be presented with the Innovative Leader of the Year Award at the 20th anniversary of the BRAVO Business Awards, on November 7 in Miami.

Latin Trade Group also announced that Miguel Galuccio, CEO of YPF, will be presented with the CEO of the Year Award for his role leading Argentina’s largest energy company. Fabian Gosselin, CEO of Alsea, will be honored with the Dynamic CEO of the Year Award for leading one of the largest fast food restaurant operators in Latin America.

As prime minister since 2012, Lamothe along with President Michel Martelly’s administration, has helped establish a paradigm shift for Haiti as a destination for investment, rather than simply for humanitarian aid. Lamothe has pursued reforms and policies to make Haiti a safer and more business-friendly country. Key initiatives include offering 15-year tax holidays and tax breaks to companies investing in the island nation, and increasing the police force by 30 percent.

From 2012 to 2013 foreign direct investment in Haiti increased 25 percent. Global brands have made significant investments in Haiti, including Heineken, Digicel, Viettel, Toms Shoes, Marriott and Carnival Cruise Lines. All of these investments have had a direct impact in boosting job creation, reconstruction and economic growth in Haiti, repositioning it as a country “open for business.”

Miguel Galuccio will be recognized as CEO of the Year for his deft leadership of Argentina’s largest oil and gas company since 2012, following the company’s renationalization. During his tenure as CEO, YPF has seen output of crude increase 6.8 percent in one year, and natural gas production rise by 19 percent. Galuccio has inspired confidence in international oil markets, attracting sizeable investments from companies including Chevron, Dow Chemical and Petronas, among others.

Fabian Gosselin will be honored as Dynamic CEO of the Year for his accomplishments leading Alsea, a Mexican restaurant company managing the Latin American operation for 11 franchises including Burger King, Starbucks and Domino’s Pizza, among others. Alsea has doubled the number of restaurants in its operation and expanded to new markets, like Brazil and Spain, since Gosselin became CEO in 2010.

“We are thrilled to recognize the tremendous accomplishments of Prime Minister Lamothe, Fabian Gosselin and Miguel Galuccio during the 20th anniversary of the BRAVO Business Awards,” said Maria Lourdes Gallo, executive director of Latin Trade Group. “They round out a group of distinguished leaders who are impacting the region’s public and private arenas with their remarkable contributions.”


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