Fifty names comprise the list of Top Businesswomen in Latin America, released today by Latin Business Chronicle. This is the fourth year the ranking has been released. The list honors those women who have reached the top of their respective fields, and have a large influence on Latin American business. The list compiles women from oil and gas, banking, publishing, law, entrepreneurship, engineering, automotive, retail, IT, and others. There is also a mix of women who have climbed the corporate ladder to the top, women with long careers in public service, and women who manage large family companies.

These women are changing the dynamics and look of corporate boards in the region that have long been dominated by men. While Latin American women have achieved parity in healthcare and education, half the region’s university graduates are now women. The picture is much less rosy in the business world. Women account for only 10.5 percent of all board positions globally – a number experts say is even smaller in Latin America.

Given these challenges, the achievements of those in this group are even more extraordinary. It includes Maria das Gracas Silva Foster, CEO of Petrobras, Latin America’s largest company by revenues according to LBC’s Latin 500. It also includes Claudia Sender, CEO of TAM, currently in the process of merging with LAN to create Latin America’s largest airline. It also includes Brazilian “hospitality queen” Chieko Aoki, and champion of female empowerment in Mexico, Angelica Fuentes.

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